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  1. List EDM116: Technology Enabled Academic Practice, Jane Secker (Academic year 2020-21)
    Part of the MA in Academic Practice.
  2. List EDM114 Research project and publication, Pam Parker (Academic year 2020-21)
  3. List EDM106: Curriculum development, Ali Press (Academic year 2019-20)
  4. List EDM121 Developing Leadership and Your Reflective Practice, Susannah Quinsee (Academic year 2019-20)
    Leadership, change management, reflection.
  5. List EDM119 Research Supervision, Pam Parker (Academic year 2020-21)
  6. List EDM112: Professional and Personal Development Planning, Pam Parker (Academic year 2020-21)
  7. List EDM120 Learning and Teaching Assessment, Pam Parker (Academic year 2019-20)
    Academic team includes: Jane Secker, Ruth Windscheffel, Jessica Hancock, Ali Press.
  8. List EDM118 Student Support and Personal Tutoring [SSPT], Ruth Windscheffel (Academic year 2020-21)
    A 15-credit Level 7 module part of the MA Academic Practice.
  9. List EDM122: Digital Literacies and Open Practice, Jane Secker (Academic year 2019-20)