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Audiences and Marketing AMM408 Module
Business and Marketing in Publishing PBM001 Module
Contemporary UK cultural policy CC2006 Module
Contemporary UK Cultural Policy AMM418 Module
Contextualising cultural policy CC1004 Module
Copyright, contracts and regulatory frameworks EL2011 Module
Creating and Managing Intellectual Property PBM002 Module
Creative workers and the city AMMXXX Module
Creative Writing Workshop PBM010 Module
Cultural and Creative Industries, the Arts and Popular Culture CC1001 Module
Cultural Leadership, Entrepreneurship and the Greative lndustries AMM606 Module
Cultural Policy AMM432 Module
Cultural policy and Globalisation AMM410 Module
Cultural production and creative technologies CC1003 Module
Cultural Production Project CC2004 Module
Culture AMM429 Module
Culture and Policy AMM400 Module
Culture and Regeneration AMM411 Module
Designing Interactive Media PBM011 Module
Developing Creative Content PBM006 Module
Digital Cultures AMM421 Module
Digital Cultures AM3002 Module
Digitisation and Publishing PBM003 Module
Evaluation EL2033 Module
Evaluation, Politics and Advocacy AMM420 Module
Fundraising in and for the Cultural Sector AMM419 Module
Global Cultural Industries, Ethics and Social Responsibility AMM427 Module
Globalisation and the Cultural and Creative industries CC2001 Module
Innovations in Content: Curating Cultural and Commercial Value PBM007 Module
Intellectual Property Rights and the Regulation of Culture CC2002 Module
International Publishing Case Studies PBM009 Module
Interrogating consumer culture CC1005 Module
Introduction to Research AMM424 Module
Leadership and Managing Change AMM605 Module
Major Project PBM008 Module
Management in the Creative Sector EL3001 Module
Managing creative enterprises CC1002 Module
Managing Organisations AMM406 Module
Managing People AMM407 Module
Marketing and Public Relations in the Creative Industries CC3012 Module
Music Business EL2009 Module
Professional Placement AMM425 Module
Professional Placement PBM005 Module
Professional Placement AMM444 Module
Programming and its Management AMM417 Module
Public Culture: the politics of participation AMM413 Module
Publishing History and Culture PBM004 Module
Research Methods CC2003 Module
Sponsorship and marketing for events EL2007 Module
Staging and promoting a live event: major project EL2008 Module
Taught/Placement mode dissertation AMM403 Module
The New Mediascape EL2004 Module
The New Mediascape and Digital Marketing EL2044 Module
Understanding financial accounts and entrepreneurship AMM405 Module
Web Creation and Digital Storytelling CC2008 Module
Work Placement CC2007 Module

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