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21st Century and English Digital Writing EN2002 Module
American Screenwriters EN3009 Module
Business and Marketing in Publishing PBM001 Module
Complete Novel CWM913 Module
Constituting Identities ENM004 Module
Contemporary Genre Fiction EN2004 Module
Creating and Managing Intellectual Property PBM002 Module
Creative Writing EN2003 Module
Creative Writing Workshop PBM010 Module
Designing Interactive Media PBM011 Module
Developing Creative Content PBM006 Module
Digitisation and Publishing PBM003 Module
Dissertation ENM003 Module
Experiments in Style CWM919 Module
Fundamentals of Fiction CWM918 Module
Genre in Context ENM007 Module
Global English and English Language Teaching EN3007 Module
Imagined Communities ENM005 Module
Innovations in Content: Curating Cultural and Commercial Value PBM007 Module
Intercultural Studies: Writing the Global City EN3008 Module
International Publishing Case Studies PBM009 Module
Literary Cartographies ENM006 Module
Literary Journalism EN3005 Module
Literary Theory and Concepts ENM001 Module
Major Project PBM008 Module
Major Project: Creative Writing EN3003 Module
Major Project: Dissertation EN3001 Module
Major Project: Professional Portfolio EN3002 Module
Place and Space EN3011 Module
Postcolonialism EN1007 Module
Principles of Screenwriting and the Translation of Screenplays LAM027 Module
Professional Placement PBM005 Module
Publishing History and Culture PBM004 Module
Publishing in the Digital Age EN3006 Module
Reading London 1 EN2006 Module
Reading London 2 EN2007 Module
Research Methods ENM002 Module
Shakespeare: Authorship, Dramatic Texts and Audiences EN2001 Module
Subtitling LAM065 Module
Text and Image ENM009 Module
The Production Business CWM910 Module
Theorising Women's Writing ENM008 Module
Translation for Dubbing and Voice-Over LAM024 Module
Translation project management LAM028 Module
Web Creation and Digital Storytelling EN2008 Module
Writing Women EN3010 Module

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