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Accounting and Financial Analysis MBM501 Module
Accounting and Financial Reporting MBM723 Module
Accounting and Financial Reporting MBM703 Module
Accounting Information MBM023 Module
Accounting Principles MBM202 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance MBM804 Module
Advanced Strategy MBM809 Module
Advanced Strategy Analysis MBM314 Module
Analytics for Business MBM217 Module
Analytics for Business MBM726 Module
Applied Corporate Finance 1 MBM104 Module
Applied Corporate Finance 2 MBM107 Module
Applied Financial Analysis for Managers and Investors MBM520 Module
At the Core of Entrepreneurship - Silicon Valley MBM176 Module
Behavioural Finance MBM530 Module
Block 1: Strategy and Organisations MBM406 Module
Block 2: The Financial Environment MBM407 Module
Block 3: Creating Management Advantage MBM408 Module
Block 4: Knowledge and Policy MBM409 Module
Branding and Advertising MBM522 Module
Business Economics MBM204 Module
Business Economics MBM028 Module
Business in the Global Economy MBM728 Module
Business Information Management MBM215 Module
Business Mastery Project MBM200 Module
Business Mastery Project MBM100 Module
Business Mastery Project MBM850 Module
Business Mastery Project MBM405 Module
Business Modelling & Simulation MS2106 Module
Business Strategy MBM212 Module
Capturing Value from Innovation - Strategies for Innovative Firms MBM807 Module
Capturing Value from Technological Innovation MBM179 Module
China Study Tour (Elective June 2012) MBM137 Module
Competitive Edge with Digital Technologies MBM808 Module
Competitive Edge with Digital Technologies MBM182 Module
Competitive Intelligence MBM544 Module
Consulting to Management MBM113 Module
Consulting to Management MBM806 Module
Continuing Professional Development MBM019 Module
Continuing Professional Development Dubai MBM220 Module
Continuing Professional Development GMBA MBM704 Module
Corporate Finance MBM208 Module
Corporate Governance MBM210 Module
Corporate Governance MBM222 Module
Corporate Leadership MBM551 Module
Corporate Reputation Management MBM555 Module
Corporate Restructuring MBM550 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility MBM013 Module
Corporate Strategy for a Globalizing World MBM167 Module
Cuba, an Economy in Transition MBM177 Module
Data Analytics for Business MBM702 Module
Derivatives and Investments MBM121 Module
Derivatives and Risk Management MBM801 Module
Design Thinking MBM178 Module
Digital Marketing MBM559 Module
Digital Marketing and Social Media MBM560 Module
Digital Marketing and Social Media MBM812 Module
Digital Strategy in Action (Silicon Valley) MBM171 Module
Digital Technologies and Business Innovation MBM221 Module
Emerging Economy Consultancy Week MBM545 Module
Finance MBM707 Module
Finance I MBM024 Module
Finance II (Sept 2011 Intake) MBM018 Module
Fintechs: Disruption and Cooperation MBM528 Module
Forecasting MBM515 Module
Frontiers of Strategy MBM517 Module
Global Economic and Social Challenges MBM805 Module
Global Real Estate MBM814 Module
Global Real Estate Markets MBM316 Module
Human Resource Management MBM020 Module
Human Resources Management MBM211 Module
India Global Outsourcing MBM539 Module
Information Management MBM027 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBM315 Module
Innovation and New Product Development MBM109 Module
Innovation and Technology Study Tour - Israel and Palestine MBM175 Module
Innovation Practice MBM320 Module
Integration Week MBM711 Module
International Finance MBM803 Module
International Financial Management MBM518 Module
Intrapreneurship MBM174 Module
Investment Strategy and Practice MBM819 Module
Investment Strategy and Practice (Elective Apr 2012) MBM163 Module
Islamic Banking, Finance and Insurance MBM313 Module
Las Vegas Study Tour (Elective Feb 2014) MBM546 Module
Law for Business MBM111 Module
Leadership MBM129 Module
Leading digital transformations MBM173 Module
Leading in a high-risk world: Organizing for reliability and resilience MBM172 Module
Leading in Challenging Situations MBM183 Module
Leading People in Organisations MBM705 Module
Machine Learning for Business MBM813 Module
Management Decision Making MBM112 Module
Management Science MS1203 Module
Managing Professional Service Firms MBM538 Module
Managing Strategic Change MBM526 Module
Managing Strategic Change MBM810 Module
Managing Value Creation: Linking Strategy and Finance MBM166 Module
Marketing MBM708 Module
Marketing MBM205 Module
Marketing I MBM029 Module
Marketing II MBM015 Module
Mathematics for Management & Finance MBM701 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions MBM140 Module
New Venture Creation MBM542 Module
New Venture Creation MBM811 Module
Oil & Energy Trading & Economics MBM306 Module
Operations Management MBM706 Module
Operations Management MBM014 Module
Operations Management MBM219 Module
Operations Management MBM214 Module
Organisational Behaviour MBM206 Module
Organisational Behaviour MBM218 Module
Organisational Behaviour MBM025 Module
Principles of Finance MBM207 Module
Private Equity MBM134 Module
Quantitative Methods MBM201 Module
Quantitative Methods MBM026 Module
Relationship Management and Marketing MBM120 Module
South Africa International Study Tour MBM540 Module
Storytelling in Business MBM600 Module
Strategic Business Analysis MBM816 Course
Strategic Investing in Alternatives - Hedge Funds MBM552 Module
Strategic Leadership MBM022 Module
Strategies of Fast Track Venturing MBM141 Module
Strategy MBM710 Module
Strategy II MBM030 Module
Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty MBM161 Module
Strategy Project (FT MBA 2011) MBM536 Module
Supply Chain, Finance and Risk MBM184 Module
System Dynamics Modelling MS3203 Module
Systems Thinking & Action Research (STAR) MS1102 Module
Tech for Social Good Study Tour - Kenya MBM181 Module
Technology and Innovation MBM709 Module
The Art of Management MBM548 Module
The London Symposium MBM170 Module
The New Strategic Landscape MBM126 Module
The Wealth Management Industry MBM180 Module
Topics in Derivatives MBM512 Module
UAE International Study Tour MBM312 Module
Women in Business: The Competitive Edge MBM549 Module

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