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Actuarial Planning and Control AS2001 Module
Actuarial Risk Management (CA1) - Part I SMM970 Module
Advanced Contingencies AS3205 Module
Advanced Contingencies AS3210 Module
Advanced Econometrics and Forecasting IF3103 Module
Advanced Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice AF3203 Module
Advanced Financial Economics AS3109 Module
Advanced Financial Markets IF3200 Module
Advanced Machine Learning for Finance IF3114 Module
Advanced Management Practice BM3200 Module
Advanced Market Research Methods BM3102 Module
AI and Machine Learning AS3026 Module
AI, Creativity, and Innovation BM3206 Module
Alternative Investments and Private Equity IF3115 Module
Applied Business Project BM3002 Module
Asset Management IF2210 Module
Asset-Liability Management FR3102 Module
Assurance AF2100 Module
Audit and Assurance AF3100 Module
Bank Risk Management IF2208 Module
Bank Strategy and Management IF3104 Module
Banking 3: International Banking IF3102 Module
Banking and Financial Institutions IF1204 Module
Banking and Financial Institutions / Financial Institutions IF1204-AF1100 Module
Bayes Professional Placement Year BS2600 Module
Behavioural Decision-Making MS3205 Module
Branding and Advertising BS2213 Module
Branding and Communications BM2204 Module
Business Economics BM1101 Module
Business in Society BM3101 Module
Business London BM0004 Module
Business Skills IF1106 Module
Business Strategy Analysis BM2200 Module
Calculus and Linear Algebra (Calculus) AS2051 Module
Calculus and Linear Algebra (Maths 2) AS2052 Module
Campaigning for Social Change BM2215 Module
Career planning and applications for actuaries AS1103 Module
Change Management BM3203 Module
Climate Change and its impact on the World Economy FR3210 Module
Company Valuation FR2203 Module
Consumer Behaviour BM2203 Module
Contingencies AS2205 Module
Corporate Finance IF3108 Module
Corporate Finance and Valuation IF2105 Module
Corporate Finance and Valuation and Corporate Finance IF2105-IF3108 Module
Corporate Governance BS3215 Module
Corporate Governance EPM941 Module
Corporate Law AF2204 Module
Corporate Risk Management FR2105 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility BS3214 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility Final Year Project BM3001 Module
Corporate Strategy IF3207 Module
Creativity, Innovation and Design MS2105 Module
Critical Analysis for Business BM1102 Module
Critical Thinking and Business Skills IF1205 Module
Data Visualisation AS3027 Module
Decision Analysis AS2021 Module
Derivatives IF2209 Module
Derivatives / Derivatives, Trading and Hedging IF2209-FR2211 Module
Derivatives, Trading & Hedging FR2211 Module
Design Thinking for the Digital Age BM3207 Module
Digital Business BM2206 Module
Digital Marketing and Social Media BM3205 Module
Econometrics BM2205 Module
Economics for Business 2 BM2208 Module
Economics of Digital Business BM2207 Module
Emerging Markets IF3206 Module
Environmental, Social and Governance topics in Banking and Finance FR2214 Module
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Work BM3213 Module
Equity Investment Management FR3201 Module
Ethical Decision-Making in Business BM3209 Module
European Business Culture LA2277 Module
Extreme Value Statistics AS3015 Module
Final Year Applied Research Project IF3003 Module
Final Year Project IF3000 Module
Final Year Project (structured) - BSc Accounting & Finance AF3001 Module
Final Year Project - BSc Business Management BM3000 Module
Final Year Project - BSc Business Studies BS3000 Module
Final Year Project - BSc Data Analytics and Actuarial Science AS3028 Module
Final year project - BSc Investment/Real Estate/Insurance FR3000 Module
Finance & Financial Reporting AS2108 Module
Finance and Investment FR1101 Module
Finance and Investment / Introduction to Finance FR1101-IF1104 Module
Financial Accounting AF2101 Module
Financial Accounting 2 AF2203 Module
Financial Analysis BS2203 Module
Financial and Investment Mathematics AS1201 Module
Financial and Management Accounting II BS2216 Module
Financial Econometrics FR2202 Module
Financial Econometrics FR2107 Module
Financial Economics AS2109 Module
Financial Engineering FR3200 Module
Financial Management BS3102 Module
Financial Markets AF1100 Module
Financial Markets IF2207 Module
Financial Reporting AS2207 Module
Financial Services Regulation FR3207 Module
Financial Technology AS3025 Module
Fintech in Banking and Finance FR3112 Module
Fixed Income Portfolio Management FR3100 Module
Foundation Mathematics AS0002 Module
Foundation Mathematics and Statistics BM0002 Module
Fundamentals of Finance AS2114 Module
Fundamentals of Management Accounting FR2213 Module
Fundamentals of Marketing BM1103 Module
General Insurance AS3303 Module
Human Resource Management BM2103 Module
Individual Project BM0003 Module
Integrated Professional Training IF3112 Module
Intellectual Property Management BS2112 Module
International Banking IF2103 Module
International Business Environment BM2201 Module
International Business Strategy BS3100 Module
International Business Strategy BM3104 Module
International Finance IF3101 Module
International Financial Management BS3200 Module
International Human Resources Management BM3201 Module
International Management BM2214 Module
International Management BM1204 Module
International Marketing BM2202 Module
Introduction to Actuarial Methods AS1002 Module
Introduction to Actuarial Methods AS1001 Module
Introduction to Actuarial Methods and Career Planning AS1003 Module
Introduction to Business and Management BM0001 Module
Introduction to Business Law BM2210-BS1106 Module
Introduction to Business Law BM2210 Module
Introduction to Business Law BS1106 Module
Introduction to Economics AS0003 Module
Introduction to Economics (Actuarial Science) AS1057 Module
Introduction to Entrepreneurship BM2101 Module
Introduction to Excel and Statistical Packages AS1104 Module
Introduction to Finance BM2102 Module
Introduction to Finance IF1104 Module
Introduction to Finance and Accounting AS0004 Module
Introduction to Financial Accounting AF1101 Module
Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting BS1209 Module
Introduction to Management BS1102 Module
Introduction to Management BM1100 Module
Introduction to Management Accounting AF1201 Module
Introduction to Microsoft Office Suite AS0005 Module
Introduction to Probability and Statistics AS0006 Module
Introduction to Real Estate Investment FR2106 Module
Introduction to Statistics IF1202 Module
Introduction to Statistics / Statistics for Finance IF1202-FR1203 Module
Introduction to VBA for Excel AS1202 Module
Introduction to VBA for Excel AS1203 Module
Introduction to Visual Basic IF1201 Module
Introductory Management Accounting / Fundamentals of Management Accounting AF1201-FR2213 Module
Investment AS3301 Module
Machine Learning for Finance IF2211 Module
Machine Learning for Finance IF3110 Module
Macroeconomics IF1203 Module
Management Accounting AF2102 Module
Management Lab & Business Skills BM1202 Module
Management of Business Functions MS1103 Module
Management of the Public Sector BM2209 Module
Management Science BM2212 Module
Managing for Social Purpose BM2213 Module
Market Research BS3103 Module
Marketing Strategy BM2211 Module
Mathematics for Actuarial Science AS1056 Module
Mathematics for Finance FR1202 Module
Mentoring and coaching MS2203 Module
Mentoring and Coaching for Leadership BM3106 Module
Mergers & Acquisitions BS3218 Module
Micro-Placements BM3107 Module
Micro-Placements IF3111 Module
Micro-Placements BM2104 Module
Microeconomics IF1105 Module
Monetary Economics IF3109 Module
New Product Development BS3105 Module
New Venture Creation BM3103 Module
Operational Research AS3021 Module
Operations & Supply Chain Management BM1201 Module
Part III Project (Actuarial Science) AS3001 Module
Pension Funds & Social Security AS3304 Module
Portfolio Theory and Investment Valuation FR2209 Module
Principles of Taxation AF2202 Module
Probabilistic Modelling AS3209 Module
Probability and Statistics 1 AS1101 Module
Probability and Statistics 2 AS2101 Module
Probability and Statistics 2 AS2110-MA3666 Module
Probability and Statistics 2 AS2110 Module
Professional Skills BS1203 Module
Programming in Python FR2215 Module
Python, R and data structures AS2113 Module
Python, R and databases AS2208 Module
Quantitative Methods and Analytics BM1200 Module
Real Estate Finance and Funding FR3202 Module
Replacement Term Abroad BS2003 Module
Research Methods and Data Analytics BM3100 Module
Risk Analysis and Modelling FR2208 Module
Sandwich Year - Study Abroad BS2601 Module
Science, Technology and Society BM3211 Module
Self-Development: Critical Analysis 2 BM2216 Module
Shipping Economics and Finance FR3111 Module
Social Enterprise BM3105 Module
Start ups in Latin America BM3212 Module
Start ups in Latin America: Practice online BM3210 Module
Statistical Modelling AS3110 Module
Statistical Reasoning, Communication & Ethics AS3208 Module
Statistics and Probabilistic Modelling for Insurance AS3106 Module
Statistics for Finance FR1203 Module
Stochastic Models AS2111 Module
Strategic Marketing BS3201 Module
Strategic Supply Chain Design BM3208 Module
Strategy 2 BM3202 Module
Summer Internship IF3113 Module
Survival Models AS3204 Module
Taxation AF3201 Module
Technology and Innovation Management BM2100 Module
Virtual Organisations MS3102 Module
Volunteering and Career Development AF3102 Module
Volunteering and Career Development AS3111 Module

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