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Agents and Multi-Agent Systems INM704 Module
Agents and Multi-Agent Systems IN3064 Module
Artificial Intelligence IN3044 Module
Cloud Computing IN3046 Module
Computational Cognitive Systems INM703 Module
Computer Vision IN3060 Module
Computer Vision IN3060-INM460 Module
Computer Vision INM460 Module
Continuing Professional Development in IT IN2031 Module
Cyber Crime IN3034 Module
Deep Learning 1: Classification INM705 Module
Deep Learning 2: Prediction INM706 Module
Deep Learning 3: Optimization INM707 Module
Digital Forensics IN3033 Module
Explainable Artificial Intelligence INM708 Module
Functional Programming IN3043 Module
Individual Project (MSci) INM450 Module
Information and Knowledge Management IN3051 Module
Information Security Management IN3049 Module
Interaction Design INM452 Module
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence IN3062 Module
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence INM701 Module
Network Security IN3032 Module
Operating Systems IN1011 Module
Principles of Data Science IN3061 Module
Programming and Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence IN3063 Module
Programming and Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence INM702 Module
Readings in Human-Computer Interaction INM711 Module
Socio-technical Systems and Security IN3035 Module
User-Centred System Design IN3065 Module
User-centred System Design INM355-MS3206 Module

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