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Advanced Electronics EEM509 Module
Advanced Signal Processing and Communications EEM403 Module
Avionics and Flight Dynamics EE3705 Module
BEng Project - Electrical and Electronic or Biomedical Engineering EE3605 Module
Biomechanics and Biomaterials EE3439 Module
Biomedical Informatics and Telemedicine EEM423 Module
Biomedical instrumentation EE2703 Module
Biomedical Optics EE3704 Module
Biomedical Optics EE2506 Module
Biomedical Sensors EEM422 Module
Biosignal and Image Processing EE3703 Module
Communication Networks EPM514 Module
Computer Science and Programming EE2702 Module
Computer Systems and Robotics EEM404 Module
Data Analytics EPM515 Module
Design II: Electrical & Electronic- Biomedical Engineering EE2600 Module
Design III - Biomedical Engineering EE3700 Module
Design III - Electrical and Electronic Engineering EE3600 Module
Design IV - Biomedical Engineering EEM420 Module
Design IV - Electrical and Electronic Engineering EEM410 Module
Dissertation EPM949 Module
Electromagnetic Fields and Circuits EE2601 Module
Engineering Management EE3606 Module
Engineering Management, Reliability and Safety AE3403 Module
Entrepreneurship EPM513 Module
Game Theory EPM994 Module
Group Design - IoT EPM516 Module
Introduction to Biomedical Engineering EE2701 Module
IoT Security EPM512 Module
IoT Technologies EPM511 Module
Mathematics II EX2010 Module
Mechatronics ET2063 Module
Medical Imaging EEM300 Module
Medical Physics and Imaging EE3702 Module
MEng Design Project ETM071 Module
MEng Group Design Project (Biomedical Engineering) ETM070 Module
MEng Individual Project (Stage 3) ETM463 Module
Microelectronic Circuits and Devices EE3604 Module
Physiological Measurement EPM608 Module
Power Engineering EE3603 Module
Security and Cyber Risk Studies EPM998 Module
Signal Processing and Communications EE3602 Module
Supply Chain Management for the Power Generation Sector EPM995 Module
Systems Modelling and Control EE3601 Module
Telecommunications Systems EEM508 Module

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