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Advanced Economic Evaluation in Healthcare ECM154 Module
Advanced Quantitative Economics EC3027 Module
Applied Econometrics EC3017 Module
Applied Econometrics ECM309 Module
Asset Pricing ECM171 Module
Business Economics ECM311 Module
Company Law EC3025 Module
Computational Economics EC3030 Module
Corporate Finance EC3010 Module
Corporate Finance ECM152 Module
Data Analysis 1 EC1010 Module
Data Analysis 2 EC1011 Module
Development Economics ECM157 Module
Development Economics EC3021 Module
Digital Economy and Internet Markets EC2023 Module
Econometrics ECM308 Module
Economic Evaluation ECM163 Module
Economic Evaluation Workshops ECM150 Module
Economics and Business Strategy ECM160 Module
Economics and Society EC3040 Module
Economics Literature Survey ECM307 Module
Economics of Regulation and Competition ECM159 Module
Economics Project EC3009 Module
Economics Research Project ECM306 Module
Economics Research Project (Business) ECM305 Module
Epidemiology ECM164 Module
Experimental Economics EC3031 Module
Financial Derivatives ECM312 Module
Financial Economics EC3013 Module
Financial Management EC3100 Module
Financial Markets ECM313 Module
Global Financial Markets EC2019 Module
Health Economics ECM165 Module
History of Economic Thought EC2022 Module
Industrial Organisation EC3022 Module
Intermediate Econometrics EC2021 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics 1 EC2015 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics 2 EC2016 Module
Intermediate Mathematical Methods EC2018 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics 1 EC2013 Module
Intermediate Microeconomics 2 EC2014 Module
International Business Economics ECM167 Module
International Finance EC3012 Module
International Macroeconomics ECM158 Module
International Trade EC2009 Module
Introduction to Financial Derivatives EC3011 Module
Introduction to Law EC1012 Module
Introduction to Macroeconomics EC1009 Module
Introduction to Microeconomics EC1008 Module
Introductory Econometrics EC2017 Module
Labour Economics EC3019 Module
Macroeconomics ECM170 Module
Microeconomic Theory ECM302 Module
Monetary Economics EC3014 Module
Money and Banking EC3028 Module
Money and Banking EC2028 Module
Nations and Firms in the Global Economy EC2026 Module
Quantitative Methods ECM303 Module
Quantitative Methods (Health) ECM304 Module
Research Methods ECM162 Module
The Economics of Micro-Finance ECM153 Module
Topics in Applied Macroeconomics EC1004 Module
Topics in Applied Microeconomics EC1003 Module
Welfare Economics ECM155 Module

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