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Academic and Professional Practice SG1028 Module
Analysing Crime SGM301 Module
Applied Multivariate Data Analysis SG3071-SAM009 Module
Applied multivariate data analysis SG3071 Module
Applied Qualitative Data Analysis SAM005 Module
Broken Britain? Culture, Employment and Society SG3059 Module
Celebrity SGM314 Module
Celebrity & Society SG3070 Module
Changing Ideas about Society in the 21st Century SG3079 Module
Classical Social Theory SG1025 Module
Communication, Culture and Development SGM312 Module
Contemporary Criminological Controversies SG1029 Module
Contemporary Issues in Media Studies SG1006 Module
Contemporary Social Theory SG2028 Module
Creative Cities AMM445 Module
Creative Technologies Project CC2013 Module
Crime and media SG3056 Module
Crime, Culture and the City SG3076 Module
Criminal Behaviour SG3037 Module
Criminal Justice SG1023 Module
Criminal Justice in Crisis SG3082 Module
Criminal Justice Policy and Practice SGM303 Module
Criminal Minds SGM304 Module
Culture and Society SG2015 Module
Culture and Society SG1030 Module
Culture, race and difference SG3077 Module
Democratisation and Networked Communication SGM311 Module
Developments in Communications Policy SGM309 Module
Digital Cultures CC3008 Module
Digital Data Politics SGM315 Module
Doing Sociology 1: Qualitative Methods SG2025 Module
Education, Skills and Job Market SG3073 Module
Emotions, Identities and Relationships SG3066 Module
Exploring London SG1018 Module
Gender and Society SG2031 Module
Gender, Crime and Justice SG2042 Module
Gender, Sexuality and the Media CC3010 Module
Global Media and Sport SG3057 Module
Global Media Industries SGM308 Module
Global Migration Process SG3041 Module
International Marketing of Culture CC3003 Module
Interrogating Consumer Culture SG3080 Module
Introduction to Criminology SG1019 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Inference SAM003 Module
Key Issues in Criminology SG2043 Module
Leisure, the Body and Deviance SG3083 Module
Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics SG1021 Module
Media and Communication Theories SGM307 Module
Media History and Politics SG1005 Module
Media"," Crime and Justice SGM306 Module
Mediating Gender and Sexuality AMM446 Module
Multivariate Data Analysis SAM009 Module
New Media Challenges SG2016 Module
News and Society SG2051 Module
Penology SG2255 Module
Policing SG3036 Module
Political Communication SG3075 Module
Poverty: What counts? SG3074 Module
Producing Social Data SG1022 Module
Property and Crime SG3078 Module
Qualitative Analysis of Social Research Data SG2056 Module
Qualitative Research Methods SAM004 Module
Quantitative Analysis of Social Research Data SG2045 Module
Quantitative Analysis of Social Research Data SG3033 Module
Quantitative Data Placement SG2046 Module
Rationale and Philosophical Foundations of Social Research SAM002 Module
Research Design Methods and Methodology SAM001 Module
Research Methods Dissertation SAM010 Module
Research Workshop SGM302 Module
Research@CitySociology SG1026 Module
Researching Society: Qualitative Methods SG1027 Module
Social Action Project SG2060 Module
Social Networks Online and Offline SAM007 Module
Sociology Dissertation SGM111 Module
Sociology in Action SG1016 Module
Sociology of Race and Racism SG2030 Module
Sociology Project SG3068 Module
Statistical Modelling SAM011 Module
Survey Research Methods SAM008 Module
Understanding Global Media Flows SG3058 Module
Understanding Social Change SG2021 Module
Victimology SG3031 Module
Victimology SG2058 Module
Victims: Policy and Politics SGM305 Module
Violence SG2040 Module
Visualising Society SG2047 Module
Work and Workers SG3062 Module
Youth Crime SG3038 Module

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