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Binocular vision OV2018 Module
Binocular Vision, Paediatrics & Visual Impairment OV3022 Module
Biological Sciences OV1011-OV1113-OV2208 Module
Biomedical Science for Optometry OV1017 Module
Clinical and Professional Practice OV3025 Module
Clinical Management Guidelines OVM061 Module
Clinical Skills 1 OV1012-0V2207 Module
Clinical Skills I OV1012 Module
Clinical Skills II OV2004 Module
Contact Lens Practice OVM032 Module
Contact Lenses I OV2006 Module
Contact Lenses II OV3004 Module
Dispensing for Optical Appliances OV1019 Module
Eye Clinic Support Studies OVM016 Module
Eye Disease and Therapeutics OV3017 Module
Fundamental Clinical and Professional Practice Skills OV1018 Module
General Pathology & Eye Disease OV2017 Module
Glaucoma Shared Care Screening OVM006 Module
Independent Prescribing (Module 3) OVM053 Module
Introduction to Clinical Skills OV1118 Module
Introduction to Eye Disease OV2022 Module
Introduction to Personal and Professional Development OV1117 Module
Introductory Biological Sciences OV1113 Module
Neural Biology & General Pathology OV1015 Module
Ophthalmic Examination OVM054 Module
Ophthalmic lenses and dispensing I OV1004 Module
Ophthalmic Lenses and Dispensing II OV2021 Module
Optics OV1001 Module
Optics for Optometry OV1016 Module
Optometric Physics OV1114 Module
OV1012/OV2207 Clinical Skills I & II OV1012_OV2207 Module
Personal Development Plan OVPDP1 Module
Principles of Prescribing (Online) OVM058 Module
Principles of Prescribing - Module 2 - Extended Exemptions Level 2 OVM051 Module
Principles of Therapeutics (Module 1) OVM050 Module
Professional Certificate in Medical Retina OVM056 Module
Professional Certificate in Paediatric Eye Care OVM037 Module
Quantitative Methods for Optometry (QMO) OV1115 Module
Refractive Surgery co-management OVM022 Module
Research Studies OV3021 Module
Visual Impairment and Low Vision Aids OVM013 Module
Visual Optics and Mathematics OV1013 Module
Visual Optics and Measurement Techniques OV1014 Module
Visual Perception OV2023 Module
Visual Science OV2020 Module

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