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Advanced Issues in International Law LU3121 Module
Advanced Legal and Commercial Skills LC3008 Module
Aviation Law and Regulation LU3106 Module
Aviation Law and Regulation LG3106-LU3106 Module
Canadian Constitutional Law - Foundational Principles LU3126 Module
Canadian Corporate Law LU3102 Module
Child Law LG3122-LU3122 Module
Civil Litigation LC3001 Module
Commercial Property Law LU3078-LG3078 Module
Commercial Sales Law LU3153 Module
Company Law LU2036 Module
Company Law LC3083 Module
Comparative Constitutional Law LU3144 Module
Competition Law LU3070 Module
Constitutional and Administrative Law LG2002 Module
Constitutional and Administrative Law LC1003 Module
Constitutional Law LU1012 Module
Contemporary Issues in EU Constitution LU2027 Module
Contract Law LD3002 Module
Contract Law LG2003 Module
Contract Law and Practice LU1016 Module
Conveyancing LC3002 Module
Corporate Law in a Global Context LMM180 Module
Criminal Justice LU3100-LG3100 Module
Criminal Law LD3003 Module
Criminal Law LC1005 Module
Criminal Law LG2004 Module
Criminal Litigation LC3003 Module
Cross Border Commercial Law LU3145 Module
Dissertation LU3096 Module
English Legal System LD2001 Module
English Legal System LG2001 Module
Equity & Trusts LD3004 Module
Equity & Trusts LC2001 Module
Equity and Trusts LG2005 Module
Equity and Trusts LG3200 Module
EU Law & the Global Order LU3110-LG3110 Module
European Union Law LD3005 Module
European Union Law LC2002 Module
European Union Law LG3201 Module
Family Law LU2024 Module
Family Law LU3108-LG3108 Module
Forensic Science LG3105 Module
Forensic Science and the Legal Process LU3105 Module
Forensic Science and the Legal Process LG3105-LU3105 Module
Foundations of Contract Law LU1013 Module
Foundations of Criminal Law LU1014 Module
Foundations of EU Law LU2010 Module
Foundations of Land Law LU2011 Module
Foundations of Law LD3011 Module
Foundations of Public International Law LU2025 Module
Foundations of Tort Law LU1015 Module
Foundations of Trusts Law LU2012 Module
Further Issues in Criminal Law LU2029 Module
Further Issues in Equity LU3140 Module
Further Issues in Land Law LU3139 Module
Further Issues in Tort Law LU2022 Module
Global Issues in Corporate Law LU3152 Module
Government, Accountability and Administrative Law LU1017 Module
Human Rights Law in the UK LU3132 Module
Immigration Law LU2018 Module
Industry Projects LU3151 Module
Intellectual Property Law LU2028 Module
International and Comparative Intellectual Property Law LU3148 Module
International Banking Law LG3136-LU3136 Module
International Banking Law LU3136 Module
International Commercial Arbitration LU3074 Module
International Criminal Law LU3077 Module
International Economic Law LU3098 Module
International Human Rights Law LU3115 Module
Introduction to Criminal Justice LU3100 Module
Introduction to Legal Ethics LD3010 Module
Introduction to the Solicitor's Professional Qualification LU3137 Module
Justice, Law and History LU3125 Module
Labour Law LU3149 Module
Land Law LC2003 Module
Land Law LD3006 Module
Land Law LG3202 Module
Law of Evidence - The Evidential Implications of Criminal Investigation LU3133 Module
Law of Landlord and Tenant LU3078 Module
Law of the European Convention of Human Rights LU3131 Module
Law relating to Domestic Banking LU2023 Module
Law"," Race and Colonialism LU3150 Module
Law, Rights and Context LU2020 Module
LC2008 Tort Law LC2008 Module
Legal Career Enhancement and Employability Skills LU2013 Module
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility LU2033 Module
Legal Skills LU3079 Module
Legal Systems and Skills LU1011 Module
Legal Technology and Project LU3154 Module
LLB Law of Evidence - Safeguarding Reliability and Protecting Witnesses LU3134 Module
LU1019 The City Law Student: Legal Reading, Writing and Research for Degree, Careers and Employability LU1019 Module
LU2016 Mediation LU2016 Module
LU3122 Child Law LU3122 Module
LU3146 - Law of Domestic Sale LU3146 Module
Maritime Law LU3080 Module
Media Law LU2021 Module
Media Law LU3103 Module
Medical Law and Bioethics LU3119 Module
Micro-Placement LU2034 Module
Movement of Products and People into and within the EU LU3147 Module
Pro Bono Training LU3142 Module
Professional Conduct and Regulation LC3009 Module
Public Law LD3001 Module
Studying Law and Employability LU1020 Module
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Fundamental Freedoms LU3127 Module
The UK & the EU LU2017 Module
Tort Law LD3007 Module
Tort Law LG2008 Module

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