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Admiralty Law LMM046 Module
Advanced Civil Advocacy LBM621 Module
Advanced Civil Litigation LSM016 Module
Advanced Civil Litigation - Professional Negligence LBM433 Module
Advanced Commercial Litigation LVM011 Module
Advanced Commercial Property LVM012 Module
Advanced Criminal Advocacy LBM620 Module
Advocacy LSM010 Module
Advocacy - Addressing the Court LBM303 Module
Advocacy: Cross Examination LBM601 Module
Advocacy: Examination in Chief LBM602 Module
Advocacy: Submissions LBM603 Module
Air and Space Law LMM171 Module
Analytical Professional Skills LVM004 Module
BPTC Dissertation LBM500 Module
Business Law and Practice LSM104 Module
Carriage of Goods by Sea LMM048 Module
Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution LBM604 Module
Clinical & professional negligence LBM622 Module
Clinical Legal Education and Global Governance LMM177 Module
Clinical Legal Education Project LBM651 Module
Clinical Legal Education Project LBM501 Module
Clinical Negligence Litigation LVM017 Module
Commercial Dispute Resolution LSM021 Module
Commercial Law LSM014 Module
Commercial Law LBM422 Module
Commercial Law and Intellectual Property LVM013 Module
Commercial Law Dissertation LMM101 Module
Commercial property LBM623 Module
Company law & insolvency LBM624 Module
Comparative Antitrust Law LMM045 Module
Competition Law LMM037 Module
Conference Skills LBM315 Module
Conference Skills LBM606 Module
Contemporary Issues in Intellectual Property LMM179 Module
Criminal Advocacy, Examination in Chief & Cross-Examination LBM601-LBM602 Module
Criminal Litigation, Evidence & Sentencing LBM607 Module
Criminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing LBM316 Module
Crown Court practice LBM625 Module
Dispute Management Options and Tactics LLM301 Module
Dispute Resolution - Trial and Arbitration LLM304 Module
Dispute Resolution International Commerce LMM149 Module
Dispute Resolution options - Mediation and Negotiation LLM303 Module
Dissertation LBM650 Module
Dissertation A LMM161 Module
Dissertation N (PRD3 S1 2015/16) LMM162 Module
Drafting LSM008 Module
Drafting LBM608 Module
Drafting Skills LBM318 Module
E-Commerce Law LMM150 Module
Employment Law LVM014 Module
Employment law & practice LBM627 Module
Employment Law in Practice LSM017 Module
Employment tribunal advocacy & practice LBM628 Module
Energy Law LMM089 Module
Energy, Environment and Security LMM098 Module
Equity Finance LSM013 Module
European Business Regulation LMM040 Module
European Business Regulation II LMM097 Module
European Intellectual Property Law LMM115 Module
European Union Banking Law LMM099 Module
European Union Tax Law LMM106 Module
Family Law LBM427 Module
Family Law LBM629 Module
Family Law LVM015 Module
Family Law in Practice LSM018 Module
Foundations of Law in International Business LMM146 Module
Fraud & economic crime LBM631 Module
Free Representation Unit : Employment law LBM632 Module
Free Representation Unit: Social Security LBM633 Module
International ADR LBM634 Module
International and Transnational Aspects of Energy Law LMM176 Module
International Banking Law LMM032 Module
International Cartels LMM038 Module
International Commercial Arbitration LMM082 Module
International commercial arbitration LBM635 Module
International commercial trade LBM636 Module
International Corporate Finance LMM079 Module
International Corporation Law LMM147 Module
International Criminal Law: Crimes and Institutions LMM173 Module
International Energy Litigation LMM100 Module
International Human Rights in Law & Practice LMM128 Module
International Intellectual Property Law and Policy LMM155 Module
International Investment Law LMM152 Module
International Investment Law LMM090 Module
International Law and the Global Economy LMM133 Module
International Law of the Sea LMM125 Module
International Sales Law LMM075 Module
International Tax LMM034 Module
Interpersonal Professional Skills LVM003 Module
Interviewing and Advising LSM032 Module
Introduction to Contemporary Issues in Transatlantic Relations: LMM178 Module
Judicial Review LBM638 Module
Landlord and Tenant LBM432 Module
Law in War - the conduct of hostilities by states and non-state actors LMM138 Module
Law of International Trade LMM151 Module
LBM314 Civil Litigation and Evidence LBM314 Module
LBM425 Employment Law LBM425 Module
LBM435 Free Representation Unit: Social Security LBM435 Module
Legal Aspects of International Finance LMM154 Module
Legal Practice Research Project LVM010 Module
Legal research LBM609 Module
Legal Research and Opinion Writing LBM609-LBM610 Module
Litigation LSM103 Module
Litigation and Dispute Resolution Options LLM302 Module
LLM Dissertation CLS_LLM_DISS Module
LLM in Professional Legal Skills LLMPLS Module
Low Carbon Energy: Policy and Regulation LMM175 Module
LPC Dissertation LSM025 Module
LPC Dissertation LSM100 Module
Marine Insurance LMM047 Module
Media Law and Practice LSM034 Module
Mental capacity & the Court of Protection LBM637 Module
Merger Control LMM182 Module
Mergers LMM044 Module
Mergers & Acquisitions LVM016 Module
Mergers Acquisitions and Takeovers LSM019 Module
Minorities and Indigenous Peoples in International Law LMM129 Module
Money Laundering LMM116 Module
Opinion writing skills LBM610 Module
Opinion Writing Skills LBM320 Module
Practical Legal Research LSM133 Module
Preparation for Practice LVM006 Module
Privacy and Data Protection Laws LMM174 Module
Private Client LSM022 Module
Professional Conduct & Regulation LSM131 Module
Professional ethics LBM611 Module
Professional Ethics LBM319 Module
Professional Legal Knowledge 1 LVM001 Module
Professional Legal Knowledge 2 LVM002 Module
Project Finance and Law LMM081 Module
Property Law and Practice LSM102 Module
Public International Law LMM126 Module
Regulation of Information Technology and Intellectual Property LMM148 Module
Regulation of Online Entertainment (Gambling, Virtual Worlds and Gaming) LMM170 Module
Research Dissertation or Project LMM181 Module
Solicitors' Accounts LSM132 Module
Wills and Administration of Estates LSM029 Module
World Trade Law LMM041 Module
Writing LSM009 Module
Written Professional Skills LVM005 Module

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