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Activism, Campaigning and the Media JO3102 Module
Advanced Data and Coding JOM299 Module
Advanced Photojournalism JO3125 Module
Advanced practical journalism (print) JO3231 Module
Advanced practical journalism (print/online) JO3109 Module
Advanced Practical Journalism - Broadcast JO3114 Module
Arts and Culture Journalism JO3122 Module
Arts and Culture Specialism JOM284 Module
Audience Strategy JOM515 Module
Broadcast Journalism JOM276 Module
Broadcast Project JO3115 Module
Community and Social Media JOM778 Module
Conflict Reporting JO3409 Module
Corporate Reporting JOM864 Module
Corporate reporting JOM856 Module
Data Investigation JOM511 Module
Data Journalism JO2204 Module
Data Journalism JOM326 Module
Data Visualisation and Communication JOM512 Module
Developing Creative and Professional Narratives EN1005 Module
Dissertation JO3120 Module
Dissertation JOM610 Module
Dissertation JOM345 Module
Dissertation JO3111 Module
Dissertation Project JOM990 Module
Dramatic writing CWM905 Module
Editorial Production JOM274 Module
Editorial Production JO2106 Module
Editorial Production (Financial) JOM358 Module
Editorial Production (Financial) JOM355 Module
Editorial Production (Investigative) JOM356 Module
Editorial Production (Magazine) JOM357 Module
Employability and Enterprise Skills for Journalism JO2212 Module
English for Journalism JOM412 Module
Entertainment Specialism JOM289 Module
Entrepreneurial Journalism JOM783 Module
Ethics, Rules and Standards JOM275 Module
European Masters in Global Journalism - Dissertation JOM954 Module
Experiments in Style JOM919 Module
Experiments in Writing JOM911 Module
Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism JO3121 Module
Fashion and Style Specialism JOM231 Module
Film"," TV"," Video and Radio Specialism JOM329 Module
Final Project JOM333 Module
Final Project JOM322 Module
Finance and Business Specialism JOM286 Module
Financial Journalism Portfolio (Financial) JOM350 Module
Financial Reporting JOM874 Module
Financial Reporting JOM855 Module
Forms and Performances of Creative Writing EN1004 Module
Fundamentals in Fiction JOM918 Module
Fundamentals of analysis and criticism EN1001 Module
Fundamentals of Financial Journalism JOM876 Module
Fundamentals of Non-Fiction CWM959 Module
History of Journalism JO1205 Module
History of Journalism JO1122 Module
History of Journalism - 2 JO2301 Module
Humanitarian Communication JO2206 Module
Humanitarian Reporting Specialism JOM285 Module
International Digital Journalism JOM279 Module
International News JO3112 Module
International News JOM923 Module
International News 2 JOM921 Module
International Publishing Case Studies JOM614 Module
Introduction to Audio and Video Journalism JO1204 Module
Introduction to British Media JO1202 Module
Introduction to Digital Journalism JO1203 Module
Introduction to News Writing JO1105 Module
Investigative Journalism Practice JOM867 Module
Investigative Reporting JOM303 Module
Investigative Reporting JOM300 Module
Investigative Reporting 1 JOM248 Module
Investigative Reporting 2 JOM149 Module
Investigative Reporting Specialism JOM292 Module
JO2207/JO3126 Sports Journalism JO2207-JO3126 Module
Journalism and Society (International) JOM401 Module
Journalism and Society 1 JOM961 Module
Journalism and Society 2 JOM962 Module
Journalism Ethics JOM960 Module
Journalism Ethics JO3104 Module
Journalism Innovation JOM323 Module
Journalism Portfolio (Data and Interactive) JOM354 Module
Journalism Portfolio (Investigative) JOM352 Module
Journalism Portfolio (Newspaper) JOM351 Module
Journalism Practice (Investigative) JOM835 Module
Journalism Practice (Print) JOM830 Module
Journalism Practice (TV - CAJ and Broadcast) JOM831 Module
Journalism project JO3500 Module
Journalistic Storytelling JOM301 Module
Journalistic Storytelling JOM470 Module
Key Issues in Financial Journalism JOM871 Module
Lifestyle Specialism JOM324 Module
Literary Criticism JOM958 Module
Literary Criticism CWM958 Module
Literary Criticism (Nonfiction) JOM946 Module
Literature in Historical Context EN1002 Module
MA Financial Journalism MDL_JOUR_MAFJ_2015-16 Module
Magazine Storytelling JOM353 Module
Managing the Publishing Value Chain JOM621 Module
Marketing in Publishing JOM612 Module
Media Law JOM846 Module
Media law and ethics JO3101 Module
Multimedia Storytelling JOM513 Module
News Applications JOM510 Module
Newsdays and Studio Production JOM272 Module
Newsgathering for Television and Radio JOM321 Module
Online Journalism JOM845 Module
Own play or script CWM936 Module
Placement report and personal portfolio JOM620 Module
Podcasting JOM514 Module
Political Broadcasting JOM981 Module
Political Headlines JOM281 Module
Political Reporting JOM988 Module
Political Reporting Specialism JOM288 Module
Political scandals JO2203 Module
Politics and Current Affairs JO1206 Module
Politics and Current Affairs JO1106 Module
Politics and Current Affairs JO1166 Module
Politics, Publics & Communications JOM992 Module
Power without responsibility JO2202 Module
Print Journalism JOM880 Module
Print Journalism JOM280 Module
Print/online project and portfolio JO3110 Module
Production JOM924 Module
Professional Project (International Journalism) JOM261 Module
Project Acquisition and List Management JOM606 Module
Public Administration JOM847 Module
Public Administration JOM841 Module
Publishing Culture and Process JOM623 Module
Reading as a Writer JOM925 Module
Reading as a writer - Literary CWM925 Module
Reading London EN1003 Module
Reporting and Features JO2105 Module
Reporting Business JOM278 Module
Reporting Business JO3241 Module
Reporting Finance JOM277 Module
Reporting North America Specialism JOM328 Module
Reporting the Environment JO3123 Module
Reporting the Global Economy JOM298 Module
Reporting the Middle East Specialism JOM290 Module
Research for TV and Radio JOM931 Module
Romanticism EN2005 Module
Science Administration and Society JOM839 Module
Science and Health Specialism JOM327 Module
Security and Crime Specialism JOM291 Module
Security and Organised Crime Specialism JOM254 Module
Shorthand JOM263 Module
Shorthand JO2108 Module
Social and Digital Journalism JOM320 Module
Social Media reporting JO2211 Module
Social"," Community and Multimedia Management JOM516 Module
Social, Community and Multimedia Management JOM325 Module
Sports Journalism JO2207 Module
Sports Specialism JOM287 Module
Storytelling CWM935 Module
Storytelling JOM935 Module
Structure of Government JO2107 Module
Studio Production JOM271 Module
The Global Political Economy JOM951 Module
The Magazine Business JOM803 Module
The Magazine Business JOM295 Module
The Novel, Authorship and Creativity EN1006 Module
The Process of Writing CWM957 Module
The Production Business JOM910 Module
The Representation of Journalists and the Press in film and fiction 1900 - present day JO3240 Module
The Representation of journalists and the press in film and fiction 1900-present day JO2210 Module
The World of Business JOM952 Module
The World of Financial Journalism JOM953 Module
TV / Radio Journalism Editorial Production JOM939 Module
UK Media Law JOM282 Module
Visual journalism: photography and video JO2350 Module
Writing and Editing for Electronic Media JOM318 Module
Writing and reportage JO2220 Module
Writing workshop JOM906 Module
Writing Workshop CWM909 Module
Writing workshop JOM909 Module

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