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Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures INM422 Module
Advanced Databases IN3001 Module
Advanced Databases INM370 Module
Advanced Games Technology IN3026 Module
Advanced Games Technology INM710 Module
Advanced Human Computer Interaction IN3002 Module
Advanced Programming: Concurrency INM420 Module
Advanced Programming: Concurrency IN3042 Module
Big data INM432 Module
Business Engineering with ERP Solutions IN3003 Module
Business Engineering with ERP Solutions INM342 Module
Business intelligence and analytics INM451 Module
Business Systems IN1010 Module
Child and Adolescent Literature, Literacy and Library Services INM709 Module
Cloud computing INM429 Module
Cognition and Technologies INM314 Module
Computation and Reasoning IN1002 Module
Computer Games Architectures INM379 Module
Computer Graphics INM376 Module
Computer Graphics IN3005 Module
Creative Problem Solving and Leadership INM408 Module
Creative Writing INM406 Module
Creativity and the Creative Industries INM410 Module
Creativity in Design INM391 Module
Cryptography INM443 Module
Cyber Crime INM446 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms IN2002 Module
Data Visualisation IN3030 Module
Data Visualisation INM402 Module
Databases INM343 Module
Delivering Innovation INM405 Module
Digital Forensics INM445 Module
Digital Information Technologies and Architectures INM348 Module
Digital Libraries INM304 Module
Digital Signal Processing IN3031 Module
E-Commerce INM352 Module
Electronic Commerce IN3008 Module
Evaluating Interactive Systems INM315 Module
Executive Development INM413 Module
Game Development Process INM375 Module
Games Technology IN2026 Module
Human Computer Interaction IN2007 Module
IN3001 and INM370 Advanced Databases Supermodule IN3001-INM370 Module
IN3002 and INM314 Cognition and Technologies IN3002-INM314 Module
IN3003 and INM342 Business Engineering with ERP Solutions Supermodule IN3003-INM342 Module
IN3005 and INM376 Computer Graphics Supermodule IN3005-INM376 Module
IN3007 Individual Project (Preparation) IN3007P Module
IN3008 and INM352 E-Commerce Supermodule IN3008-INM352 Module
IN3015 and INM311 Requirements Engineering Supermodule IN3015-INM311 Module
IN3030 and INM402 Data Visualisation Supermodule IN3030-INM402 Module
IN3031 and INM424 Digital Signal Processing Supermodule IN3031-INM424 Module
IN3042 and INM420 Advanced Programming: Concurrency IN3042-INM420 Module
Inclusive Design INM313 Module
Independent Study INM310 Module
Individual Project IN3007 Module
Individual Project INM363 Module
Information and Knowledge Management INM351 Module
Information Architecture INM401 Module
Information Domains INM307 Module
Information for Decisions in Healthcare INM357 Module
Information Law and Policy INM361 Module
Information Management IN2008 Module
Information Management and Policy INM341 Module
Information Resources and Organisation INM303 Module
Information Retrieval INM305 Module
Information Security Management INM440 Module
Intellectual Property Management and Law INM409 Module
Introduction to Data Mining IN3011 Module
Introduction to data science INM430 Module
IT Security IN3012 Module
Language Processors IN2009 Module
Leading Creative Design INM404 Module
Libraries and Publishing INM712-INM380 Module
Libraries and Publishing INM712 Module
Libraries and Publishing in an Information Society INM380 Module
Library and Information Science Foundation INM301 Module
LIS Dissertation INM367 Module
Machine learning INM431 Module
Management of Information Technology IN2010 Module
Mathematics for Computing IN1004 Module
Music Technology for Games INM378 Module
Network Security INM441 Module
Networks and Operating Systems IN2011 Module
Neural computing INM427 Module
Object Oriented Programming in C++ INM359 Module
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design IN2013 Module
Practical Business Systems Consultancy INM353 Module
Practices and Theories in Interaction Design INM355 Module
Professional Development in IT IN2015 Module
Professional Experience (Placement) - Reflective Work Log IN3027 Module
Programming in C++ IN2029 Module
Programming in Java IN1007 Module
Project Management INM372 Module
Project Management IN3040 Module
Research Methods and Individual Project INM411 Module
Research Methods and Professional Issues INM373 Module
Research, Evaluation and Communication Skills INM356 Module
Security Audit and Certification INM442 Module
Service Oriented Architectures INM381 Module
Software Agents IN3016 Module
Software Agents INM426 Module
Software Engineering IN1005 Module
Software Systems Design INM330 Module
Systems Architecture IN1006 Module
Systems Specification INM312 Module
Team Project IN2018 Module
Technologies for Creativity and Innovation INM403 Module
The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation INM407 Module
Theory of Computation IN3017 Module
Visual analytics INM433 Module
Web Applications Development INM316 Module
Work Based Project IN2030 Module

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