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Advanced Principles of Economics: Financial Markets and Corporate Systems IP2039 Module
Advanced Theories of Global Politics IP2020 Module
Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics IP2033 Module
American Foreign Policy IP3020 Module
Analysing Political and Economic Data in the Real-World IP2038 Module
Capitalism and Crisis IP2032 Module
Change and Transformation in Global Politics IP2012 Module
Comparative Asian Politics IP2037 Module
Comparative Empires in the Modern Era HI3005 Module
Comparative Political Economy IP2031 Module
Concepts and Methods in Economic Reasoning IP2029 Module
Conquest, Conflict and Cultural Encounter in World History  HI1002 Module
Contemporary Issues in Global Politics- 20th Century IP1003 Module
Cultural logics of contemporary capitalism IPM124 Module
Cultural Political Economy IP3033 Module
Cultures of Benevolence: Philanthropy and Civil Society from 1601 to the Present HI2009 Module
Current Topics in Global Political Economy IP3016 Module
Development and International Politics IPM009 Module
Development and World Politics IPM104 Module
Economic Diplomacy IPM025 Module
Economic Diplomacy IPM114 Module
Economics of the Real World IP2030 Module
Emerging Powers in a changing world IP1019 Module
Ethnicity and Nationalism IP3035 Module
Euro-Mediterranean Politics and Security IP3014 Module
Fifty Shades of Red: Russia in the Twentieth Century HI2003 Module
Foreign Policy Analysis IP3015 Module
Foreign Policy Analysis IPM026 Module
Foreign Policy Analysis 1 IP2026 Module
Foreign Policy Analysis: Instruments and Practice IP2027 Module
From Empires to Union: Europe in the Twentieth Century HI1006 Module
From Rule, Britannia! to Brexit Britain: Britain and the World from the Nineteenth Century to the Present HI1005 Module
Geopolitical Macroeconomy: Briefing the Prime Minister IP3037 Module
Global Capitalism: Past, Present, Future IPM011 Module
Global Conflict and Security IP2016 Module
Global Ethics: Power and Principles in World Politics IP3025 Module
Global Ethics: Power, Principle and Politics IPM117 Module
Global Ethics: Principles, Power and Politics IPM028 Module
Global Governance IP3018 Module
Global Money and Finance IP3024 Module
Global Political Economy: Contemporary Approaches IPM116 Module
Global Political Economy: Contemporary Approaches IPM027 Module
Governing Global Politics IPM017 Module
History in the Age of Digital Information  HI1004 Module
History of East Asia IPM122 Module
Human Rights and Reconciliation after Conflict IP3028 Module
Human Rights and the Transformation of World Politics IPM029 Module
Human Rights and the Transformation of World Politics IPM118 Module
Ideas in History: from the Enlightenment to Post-Colonialism HI2001 Module
India in the Eighteenth Century HI2011 Module
International Financial Institutions IPM020 Module
International Organisations in Global Politics IPM005 Module
International Political Economy IP2015 Module
International Politics of the Middle East IPM018 Module
International Politics of the Middle East IP3019 Module
International Politics Project IP3001 Module
International Politics Project IP3017 Module
International Relations Theories 1 IP1015 Module
Introduction to Political and Economic Data Analysis IP1041 Module
Introduction to Political Economy IP1016 Module
Introduction to Political Theory IP1032 Module
Introduction to Politics IP1030 Module
Living History & Group Project HI2002 Module
MA Dissertation IPM111 Module
Modern Germany from Bismarck to Merkel HI2005 Module
Myths and Mysteries in World Politics IP1014 Module
Ordering the World: International Thought in the Twentieth Century HI2004 Module
Political Change in Europe IP3022 Module
Political Economy of Global Finance IPM012 Module
Political Islam in Global Politics IPM010 Module
Political Psychology IP2042 Module
Political Risk Analysis IP2040 Module
Politics and Power in the Twentieth Century IP1018 Module
Politics of Britain IP1033 Module
Politics of the USA IP2036 Module
Practical Politics IP3036 Module
Principles of Economics 2: Countries and Systems IP1022 Module
Principles of Economics I: Markets and Prices IP1021 Module
Puzzles of Comparative Politics IP1031 Module
Radicals and Reformers: left-wing politics and activism in Britain and the world since 1945 HI3003 Module
Religion and Politics in the Age of Global Change IP2028 Module
Religion in Global Politics IPM119 Module
Research Scholars Programme IP1020 Module
Revolution: Rebels and Riots in Modern History HI3004 Module
Revolutions in Modern History IPM123 Module
Russian Foreign Policy from Stalin to Putin IPM120 Module
Scholarly Writing for International Politics IP2021 Module
Security Studies: Conceptual Approaches IP2024 Module
Security Studies: Contemporary and Emerging Issues IP2025 Module
States and Markets in an Era of Globalisation IP2022 Module
Strategy, Diplomacy and Decision-Making IPM021 Module
Studying Politics IP1040 Module
The American Century: the United States in the Twentieth Century HI2006 Module
The Bigger Picture: History in Contemporary Politics and Culture HI1003 Module
The Development of the Modern World HI1001 Module
The Global Economy in the Twenty-First Century: Trends and Challenges IP2023 Module
The Global Political Economy of Development IP3021 Module
The Governance of the Global Economy IP3023 Module
The Making of Modern Japan HI2010 Module
The Making of the Modern World Economy IP1017 Module
The New Politics of Business: From a Physical to an Intangible Economy IPM030 Module
The Political Economy of Global Inequality IP3034 Module
The Politics of Forced Displacement IP3013 Module
The Politics of Forced Displacement and Resettlement IPM013 Module
The Theory and Practice of Conflict and Peace IP3027 Module
Theories and Research in Global Politics IP2011 Module
Theories of Global Politics IP1011 Module
Theories of International Political Economy IP2051 Module
Theories of International Politics IPM008 Module
Transnational Social Movements IP2019 Module
Understanding Security in the 21st Century IPM101 Module
Understanding Security in the 21st Century IPM004 Module
US Foreign Policy IPM113 Module
US Foreign Policy IPM022 Module
Violence in Global Politics: Fear, Insecurity and Identity IP3026 Module
Violent Politics: Riots, Civil Wars, and State Repression IP2041 Module
Visions of World Order: Ideas and concepts in the history of international thought in the twentieth century IPM121 Module

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